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13. – 16.7.2017


Here you can find
The form of crew activities
The crew handbook
The map of the event area
The map of Kotka center
Captains manual
Ships at the harbour

Welcome sailors to the City of Kotka!

We are very pleased to see you here in our city and we hope that you will have a great time here! Now when the Kotka Maritime Festival is happening with The Tall Ships Races, the festival will be the biggest public event of the entire year in Finland. Since there are even more activities than normally, locals, visitors and tourists’ common social interaction is going to create a unique social climate in our city.
Of course, there will be lots of activities regarding Maritime festival, such as stalls, street food, restaurants, street performers, artists and bands playing, culture, bars and nightclubs, but there is more in Kotka than the festival itself.
You can enjoy our many community centers where there are various activities for young people, bands, activities, video game nights and gymnastics to mention a few. If you don`t find community centers interesting, you can always walk thru the shopping center Pasaati , where you can find young people chilling, meeting friends and making their plans for the night. You can talk with local youth and maybe tag along with them into the evening at the parks and beaches, where young people typically gather and have fun. As a young person, I recommend going at least once to one of the public parks later in the day and start a conversation and hang out with locals.
So, I really hope that you have wonderful time here and that you enjoy with your time here!

Aleksi Rantanen
Chairman of the Youth Council of Kotka